Let’s Eat |9|Reaction & Review

Last weeks episode ended with maybe some love in the air. Sun Woo and Seo Yeon shared an unexpected kiss.

Let’s Eat 3 |8| Reaction & Review

But, back to my favorite mukbang k-drama. Episode 7 ended with Seo Yeon blurting out Dae Young's secret to Ji Woo. The fact that he is single, he's just in the process of mourning his girlfriend.

Let’s Eat 3 |7| Reaction & Review

Yooo guys I'm back with episode 7 of Let's Eat 3. The last show concluded with Seo Yeon discovering the Dae Young's girlfriend actually passed away.

Let’s Eat 3 |6| Reaction & Review

Hi Y'all, we're back with episode 6 of the k-drama Let's Eat 3. The ending of episode 5 left me with one major question! "Why the FUCK is Seo Yeon doing hanging all over Dae Young!!!!"

Let’s Eat 3 |5| Reaction & Review

We ended the last Episode with Ji Woo finally breaking down in front of Dae Young. After almost getting hit by a car!