February Movie Trailers and Movie Reviews

If you have been a frequent visitor of my blog you know that I’ve done some recent changes. One was getting rid of the separate categories for certain topics. I’m going to just put everything in my blog section. That way I can throw in a little update of how my week is going as well. I think it’ll make it a lot more personable. I had it set up more like a website and I really don’t need to do all that, ya know! How do you like the new set-up? leave a comment I’d love to hear. 

Movie Trailers

Me Before You         Get A Job         Miles Ahead           The Bronze       Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates        The Driftless          Hardcore Henry          Keanu


Movie Review

Sisters (2015)

I recently got a second job that I’m really really enjoying! My co-workers are freaking awesome and hilarious. I feel like I totally fit in, and everyone is really willing to help, and answer any questions. Anyway we recently all went to the movies and seen “Sisters”.

The movie stars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler  who I freaking love. Like best Hollywood comedic duo right now. This movie was hilarious and I laughed from beginning to end. Tine and Amy have a great chemistry so it’s easy to believe that they are sisters. I mean siblings don’t always look a like from my experience. Not that I have siblings. Anyway. I loved the character that Ike Barinholtz played. If you watched the mindy project he will look famililar because he plays the loveable doofus Morgan Tookers. A nurse you definitely don’t want trying to save your life unless it’s with comedy. As you can tell by the trailer the storyline is pretty predictable. But, you really won’t mind because the punchlines, jokes, and physical comedy are a great ride all the way through. It’s a great spin on the party movies that always feature younger adults. Which is why it’s so entertaining. the rest of the cast are a riot and it just looks like everyone had a great time. Can I be an extra? 

I would say to please go and check it out if you want to see a awesome comedy!


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Seeing this movie today was the icing on a pretty awesome day that almost started out pretty crappy. I didn’t hear my alarms go off, if it even did!! But I woke up in enough time to pull together a pretty decent outfit and get to work on time. We played this game called werewolf for class and then I seen this awesome movie with a friend I haven’t seen since high school graduation. 

I’m just going to start out and say that this movie is freaking amazing. If you loved the book Pride and Prejudice, and zombies to. I think you should go and see this movie. It does a great job of mixing the two together very well. It’s a comedy and it keeps with the original dialogue and but also up to date jokes thrown in. It doesn’t take it’s self to seriously. I think that this was the downfall of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter even though I didn’t think it was that bad.  It could of done better. I like that some of the more annoying characters I remember from the book were very toned down. Lydia and Mrs Bennett  for example. I also like the way they weaved together who would be the actual ring leader of the zombies. If you read the book or seen the movies you can probably guess who it is. The only thing that really bothered me was the voice of the actor who played Darcy. It kind of reminded me of Val Kilmer’s Batman voice.  Have you seen this movie yet? I’m excited to see Deadpool next. What movie are you excited to see next?



Guess what? This is a going to be a the same things you’ve probably read everywhere else all over the internet. This movie was amazing and hilarious! I really wish a lot more of the marvel movies would have been rated R. But I’m happy that sarcastic motor mouth Deadpool received it. It made all of his humor even better. I hope you stayed past the credits to see that Cable was going to be added to the cast of characters being added to the franchise. Other than that I don’t have anything to really say other than if you haven’t seen it please go you’ll love it!. 


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