Welp, I knew this week wasn’t going to be that great. I lost one pound for the week. I got a second job and worked Saturday and Christmas day. So my feet were screaming!! For two and a half days.

I didn’t work out this week and hung out with some of my old co-workers and ate some Tostinos pizza rolls and freezer pizza. I did makeup for it by getting quickly back into eating Keto next day. It was only that one meal.

It’s been a month since my first post so I wanted to do a side by side of my old measurements when I first posted and today’s. I also included what meal and snacks I ate this week on the days I worked my desk job.

Chest – 41.5

Right Arm – 16.5

Left Arm – 16.5

Waist – 36.5

Hips – 48.5

Right Thigh – 26

Left Thigh – 26

Weight: 220.4

My Meal

  • Two boiled eggs
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Broccoli
  • Crab
  • Mayo
  • Tony Chachere seasoning

*Not Pictured*

  • BBQ pork rinds
  • Sugar free Jell-O


  • bacon flavored seaweed
  • sugar-free almond butter


  • workout 3x’s
  • Keto On
  • Drink more tea

Health Journey |5|Monthly Update

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