OMG!!! Ya’ll guess what? My ass made it to the gym three times this week no problem. Well, I was tired as hell toward the end of my workday. But I caught a second wind when it got closer to the end of the day and by the time I got changed and to my car I was all for going to the gym. I didn’t go that hard. But I last went on Thursday and I’m still sore. Sooooo, there’s that. I loved working out at the gym but I didn’t like the crowd. Hopefully, not to be mean everyone is over their new year resolutions and it won’t be so bad next week.

I found some more shitaki noodles and incorporated those into my meals last week. SO GOOOD!!! I have a blog post about the first time I tired them that should be going up sometime. I also found a healthy cheat snack. Halo Top Ice cream. I tired the red velvet one and shiiiiiiit! After not eating real sugar it tastes just like regular ice cream to me. I would suggest if you want to try it to just go the way of the diary flavor. It’s still only 20 grams of carbs. I eat less then the suggested amount so even less carbs then that.

Over all this week was a win win. Except for my measurements. But, I’m sure that has to do with mixing weights into my routine.



Neck: 13 (-.25)

Chest: 41.5 (-)

Right Arm: 16.5 (-)

Left Arm: 17 (+.50)

Waist: 35 (+5)

Hips: 49.5 (+1.25)

Right Thigh: 26 (-)

Left Thigh: 26 (-)

Weight: 215.6 (-3.5)


Keep it Keto

Work out 3x’s

More Water

Health Journey |7| Quick Update

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