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If you are a lover of Korean Drama like myself you are all to familiar with some of the different tropes that are almost always used. Forgive me if I miss any I’m not an expert K-Drama watcher.

  1. Rich Cold Asshole Male Lead
  2. Fights caused by lack of communication
  3. Love triangles
  4. Breaking up around or during the finale episode
  5. Faking a relationship

I know there are more but I can’t think of them? What are some that I missed?

Her Private Life is one the best shows I’ve watched where they didn’t try to stray away from these well known cliches. They actually lean into them. Made them more believable a left you satisfied with the outcome.

Park Min Young
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The premise is about a Museum curator Park Duk Mi played by the charming Park Min Young (What happened to Secretary Kim and City Hunter). Who is secretly a loyal devoted fan to Cha Shi a k-pop singer who, after getting to know his character deserves all the love and support he receives. She runs one the most popular websites where she posts candid pictures of him from events, concerts and such. Making sure to capture every moment and share it with her fellow devotees. Oh course this isn’t the type of hobby that one should brag about. Especially at her age and with her career being classy and sophisticated. The only people who know are family and a close friend who also partakes in the obsession.

Kim Jae Wook
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Duk Mi has a chance encounter with Ryan Gold played by the sexy Kim Jae Wook (Coffee Prince, Voice). The have a heated war at an auction over a particularly beautiful painting. The outcome wasn’t very pleasant. They later cross paths when it’s announced that Ryan will be the new director of the art museum Duk Mi works for.

They of course butt heads. After an unpleasant first encounter they don’t want to see eye to eye on anything. It’s great seeing them slowly develop feelings. They are great to watch because you can see and feel the chemistry between the two from the very beginning. I think that’s another part of the show that makes it so entertaining. I got excited anytime there was a scene with the two of them. It was very believable and by the end I wanted the two actors to say there were dating in real life. I’ve only ever really wanted that to happen after watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

While the show had a number of typical tropes. All were dealt with very maturely. Most of f the conflicts were handled so well is because the characters were written and acted brilliantly. They all knew how to verbalize their issues and give each other space to sort through their feelings. Nobody badgered each other to explain how they felt. Or walked away in anger without any explanation. They were all in tune with their feelings, apologized as soon as they realized their mistakes, and comforted each other all at the right times.

If you’re in the mood to watch a drama that makes you have all the feels and makes you feel great seeing caring relationships. I highly recommend Her Private Life.

Have you seen HPL yet? How did you like it?


Her Private Life

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