Determining My Body Type

Recently I found this amazing Youtube channel Gauge-girl training that’s by Christine Hronec. She’s super intelligent and great at explaining about nutrition that I had either forgotten about for didn’t know. Christine is a food scientist and nutrition expert who talks about finding out what your body type is. Along with how to tailor your eating habits and workouts. After watching a number of videos about body types and learning more about it I’ve decided to take a serious step in getting back healthy. She makes it seem super simple. Below are the results of my body type test.  Now it’s not exactly right, when you add up everything the total percentage is 101% but the two body types I matched with are perfect descriptions of my body. Though it’s overweight right now. 

These are my stats from the quiz. 

These are my stats from the quiz. 

Here is the link to the quiz

With more research after finding out my body types. I found that I don’t have to workout for long periods of time and I should eat very few carbs unless it’s right after a workout. I’m not an expert like gauge-girl and I don’t want to make this post feel like it’s some kind of weight loss journey because that would make it seem like to much of a obligation that I wouldn’t keep up with. I want to take it day by day and make it less stressful as possible. It’s hard enough to lose weight as is. I may check in sporadically but not with a rigid weekly or monthly update. I won’t be including any measurements or weight numbers. I’ll just say that I’m current overweight.  

I had problems with my weight every since I made the decision to start using birth control and that was in my late twenties. I had always used condoms or abstinence. But when Mirena came out I thought that it was the best thing since sliced bread.  At the time I was in the military and it was free for me so I thought why the hell not.  I would not recommend that product to anyone. I think it’s been taken off the shelves and they have a huge medical lawsuit going on or did. I had to have major surgery for an issue that it accelerated. Anyway  every since that surgery everything that I did before to lose weight hasn’t really been doing anything. That has been pretty defeating and I have been doing half ass attempts ever since. This has been the first time that I feel really good about trying again and knowing I can do it.

I know holidays are coming up but I could really careless. Yes I’ll probably eat badly on those days but I’m human I can’t be prefect all the time and I’m going to try and not fall off the wagon when it happens. Another person who also motivated me was another YouTuber named Peter Monn. He made a very poignant video about his weight loss struggles as well and I could totally relate with him. 

Are you currently changing your eating habits? Are you waiting until the new year? What’s something that has helped you with becoming more healthy. 

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