ST EP 6 So Much Love

Chaper Six – The Monster (SPOILER ALERT!!)

Opening Scene

Jonathan out here screaming to the heavens for Nancy’s dumb ass. Did she just last see a creature? Shut the Fuck up before you get snatched! 

Oh look the creature found her and is stalking about. She made it come out and pull her out! YAY he did it. Now go forth and fornicate!! 

Oh boy now Steve is gonna see her with Jonathan. He’s with his two dingbat friends. Oh SHIT HE IS PISSED!!!

Joyce and Jim are putting their heads together. Will draws way better than Eleven. 

Nancy is going through PTSD in the shower. Jonathan is staying over like a regular old slumber party. 



No Nancy only you. Cute couple alert!!

Mike misses his future ex-girlfriend. Love the poster of The Thing is the background because that’s basically all we know about the creature is that it’s a thing. 

I like Nancy’s theory. It definitely can smell blood.

Wait this raggedy old bitch is the one who shot my boo at the dinner. What the fuck is her angle visiting the AV teacher. Maybe to lure the band of merry men and lady g. To bad the Lady doth protest to much and ran away.

Oh shit mush-mouth laid down the law on that ass. 

Is this current or a flashback…oh flashback. She’s just chillen in the woods huh. 



Lucas don’t be a dumb ass! Just shake and then don’t talk to Eleven just follow the guys and let them look for her. 

Man fuck that dude and his bullshit logic. Don’t run from it. Don’t turn away. Bitch no I’m running. 

All the Eggo’s Eleven!!!!

It’s only been a week since Will disappeared!!!

Lucas is getting suited and booted with the rambo karate kid headband.

I still don’t trust that white utility van.

Obviously the gang doesn't know about the reputation of these vehicles yet!

Obviously the gang doesn’t know about the reputation of these vehicles yet!

You can have more the one best friend Mush-mouth. But at the moment I only have one.

Man people have always thought the government did shit like this. That’s exactly what they did to Eleven.

Well now that who’s Eleven real family is. Oh course they fucking lied about her miscarriage.

“We’re going monster hunting Mister,”  

Well Well looks like exactly who I thought happened. Good going Nancy you should of beat his ass yourself with a fucking brick upside the head. Slut shaming her because she’s with the school misfit! 

I wish Jonathan would have gotten away.



Jonathan going to town on Steve

What is up with this pussy ass bitch boy men. Their ego’s are out of control. You’re going to come at somebody with a knife because you pissed your own pants. 

Lucas is getting close while his friends run for their lives. Maybe it’s good he wasn’t there with them. He might be their only hope. But I actually see it being Eleven since she heard their pleas for help. 

Oh look it’s those fucking white utility vans their probably wire tapping the whole fucking town. 

So they want him to jump in the quarry where they “found” Will. UNBELIEVABLE!!!



Time for that talk about the birds and the bees Mike

HOLY SHIT!!! GO ELEVEN. Look at Mike’s face he’s total in love. I mean I would be too if somebody did that for me. 

It’s the creature who is it eating on. Shit no wonder that mother fucker doesn’t have real face. It has a Venus Fly Trap Face. Some old resident evil type shit. The crappy one where Jill Valentine is possessed. Retribution 

God dammit these shitty dick heads are going to run up on these kids. 


This is getting really good. I was hoping that Eleven would be the Sheriff’s daughter. That theory has now be debunked. By one quick visit. 

I happy that I wasn’t wrong about those free candy inside vans. I mean is they painted Will inside they couldn’t be more obvious.

I can’t wait until the next episode. 


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