Getting to Know Qi Das and Tokens of a Sound Mind

Have you ever talked to somebody and felt like they have the world figured out? Making it seem so simple that you want to know their secret? Well I had the opportunity to speak with some just like that. I feel like my life is pretty good for the most part. But Keith who goes by the pen name of Qi Das. Has a way about him that reverberated through the phone and made it seem like he’s fine with how is life is. Now the news he was waiting to hear could also have to do with that. But, that’s the point. It’s nice to meet someone who has a chill vibe and isn’t trying to impress people and is just happy with their life. 

With this distinct view on life Keith has composted a book of thoughts and inspiration that can help remind you what’s really important in your life. I had a interview with him and here’s a little insight into the unique mind of Qi Das. 

What made you take this path of enlightenment?

A: I feel that it was a natural progression of life. I would define enlightenment as a state of being of where you no longer seek answers to questions outside of yourself and having complete confidence and security in yourself. That can mean a plethora of different things to different people.  But the state of being is the same the sense of calmness and relaxation. For me personaly I was very attached to a specific person who couldn’t be in my life. That sent me on a journey of seeking higher truths and meaning. I wasn’t happy with the knowledge that I had and kept searching until I found what I needed.

Your essentially your enlightenment is like a thank you?

A: Yes, I’ve never said it like that but I agree with that. It’s gratitude with being content with being.  Wherever I am however I am I’m just being. I don’t need anything more then that.

How old were you when you started this journey?

A: Currently I’m 19. I was 17 when I had my first satori experience when you realize that everything is connected in a way that cannot be expressed with words. That is what changed how I perceived everything from then on. I was really into philosophy but then I started reading Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau and listening to Allan Watts who brought zen to america. He talked about how he took LSD and used to to reach a higher level of enlightenment. I used it at that time to also look for this next level not just to party like some people use it for. I don’t say that there is only one path for anyone. But that was the difference for me. I used it got the understanding that I wanted and came to the path of the journey of constant self love and acceptance and that everything is okay the way it is. It’s just easier to get that level or understanding when your body is relaxed. I stay in a lifestyle that is flowing. I don’t try. If I find myself trying to hard in anything. It’s because I have forgotten that I’m connected to everything. If I take it slow everything comes to me. Not that I don’t move quickly my current work keeps me moving quickly. But if my current job became to much for me I would look for other work instead of forcing it. I think that’s why people consider themselves victims or suffering. Because, they don’t have faith because of love and faith are what make the difference. 

What has been the hardest part of your enlightenment?

A: They ideal of polarity to me personally was switching from a duality mindset to a non-duality mindset. duality is a separation in things like good and bad. Your suffer because of it. You make judgement about what your experiencing your labeling your feelings as this is how I should be feeling or not. But when you relax and just enjoy being that is when you realize you don’t need that. But the longer I spend in a state of being the less time I spend labeling or passing judgement on the world. I have reminders everywhere and I can see myself in everything I look at. Seeing separation is the hardest part. Everything is everything. I had a person I was very attached with that I couldn’t be with that reoccurring ideal that I had to be separate from them. I wanted to be with them but that was probably the hardest part but I learned that those were my ideals of that person. It’s not who they really were. I had to find wholeness inside myself instead of out in the world. If not then your life will always be the life of an addict on some level. Whether it’s drugs, coffee, watching television, reading books, or buying clothes or putting on makeup. You will feel like your not enough and you think you have to keep reaching outside of yourself. That itself is a form of slavery.

Finding out you couldn’t be with somebody is what set you on this path. Do you still talk to them?

A: Yes I still talk to them. I actually wrote to her last night….. 

I want to say that he read some intimate things to me about the conversation that I don’t feel comfortable sharing even though I found it to be beautiful. I hope the best for their relationship. Though I’m sure Qi Das will be fine either way. After speaking with him I made the decision to purchase his book. I am really enjoying it. I was given permission to include pictures of the passages that spoke to me the most. He created the typography and he kept all these thoughts in the notepad app. He wants this book to be used when your lacking clarity or seeing beauty. The symbols are coincide with the 6 affirmations that help to reprogram the way you think. 

If you are interested in knowing more about Qi Has here are two of his social media accounts and links to his book. We will also be giving one away. All you have to do is leave a comment below. Answering the question. Do you think you are enlightened? 



links to purchase his books: (physical copy) Tokens of a Sound Mind                                                                                            (digital copy) Tokens of a Sound Mind





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