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Yeah I know it’s almost 2017. But, after I tamed the beast that was horrific my skin issue I wanted to talk about this new routine that is slaying my life right now. If you’ve seen the last routine I had posted. I was all about the Pro-activ 3 Step System. No, not anymore that shit was not doing a thing for my skin and I was seeing the results of it on my face.

My new routine isn’t the only thing that got my visage together. I also started really making a conscious effort to drink more water and tea. Both of these things have helped give me back my lost confidence. Now that I’ve got this face back together. I’m now ready to tame the next beast that would be my overall health. That’s a whole other subject that I don’t know if I wanna blog about yet, so yeah. Let’s talk about skincare!

Skin Type: Super Oily & Acne Prone

Daily Routine

Cleansers – I was a lover of black soap. But I moved on after finishing up the the Raw African Black Soap i did have. That’s when I stared using Pro-Activ after a while my skin was starting to get cystic acne and I thought that my skin was purging. I used it when I was younger and it gave me great results. So I continued to use it. But, my skin I think wasn’t affected by it anymore and actually didn’t like it at all. So I found a small amount of black soap I was suppose to give to someone. Sorry buddy my face really needed it.  After a few days it I was already seeing results. I use this for both day and night. I use to use two different facial cleansers. Before the black soap I tried another cleanser that gave slight results but nothing enough for me to continue using it as my main cleanser.  So after finishing that product I started using the black soap as a morning and nighttime cleanser.

Can you tell what my favorite color is. Can you tell what my favorite color is.

African Black Soap

Benefits of Black Soap: Some of the benefits that make this a holy grail item for me are it’s helps to heal acne, fades skin discoloration and evens skin texture. These claims have all been noticeable to my skin.

Toner – I was using a generic one that you get a Walmart. It worked okay . Though after reading about the Etude 10 in 1 Skin Toner Wonder Pore. It’s pretty popular in Korea and since with this new skincare system I’ve started slowly adopting Asian skincare into my routine. I ended up adding this now staple product to my routine and love it. I’ve really seen a difference in using it. Which I’ve never seen with other toners. I just used them because they say you should.

Benefits of Etude 10 in 1

The benefits listed on the bottle have a wide array of claims. While I really enjoy this product I can’t say that I get all ten benefits from this product. I do think it works for me. So much so that it’s become a holy grail item.  Some of the those claims are that it cleans pores inside and out with peppermint extract, balances skins PH levels, deep cleansing, sebum control, tightens pores, reduces pore size, and is moisturizing.

Essence – A common step in Asian skincare routines. Always done after toner, essence is  slippery consistency that is packed with usually powerful active ingredients that go deep into the skin. That give great results. I’ve been using this one in particular because of the benefits it touted.

Cosrx – Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

Benefits of Snail Essence:

Some of the benefits are it helps with hyper-pigmentation, helps to eliminate acne, firms and restores skin elasticity, helps with maintaining skin moisture levels.

BHA/AHA – BHA’s are good to use if you have acne issues like me.  It also has anti-aging properties. AHA’s are good for cell turnover which is great for getting rid of old dead skin cells. I use Retin-A as well but not on a regular basis.

DetClear bright and clear    |     Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser

Benefits of BHA/AHA:

AHA benefits helps with loosening dead skin cells, increases skins absorption of products and helps with decreasing wrinkles, BHA benefits include the same benefits. One is better to use if you have oily skin (BHA such as saylic acid) and AHA should be used for dry skin (it helps skin with retaining moisture.

Serum – A essential step in any skincare routine for anyone that wants to have their skin look it’s best. I use a vitamin C Serum that’s also infused with vitamin E and other things .

Body Merry Age Defense Super 6 Serum

Benefits of Vitamin C:

helps skin to boost collagen production with is something that we natural product less of as we age. So it helps with preventing wrinkles and makes skin more plump and full. Vitamin C is really good for oily acne prone skin as it helps for dark spots from post acne marks to fade. It does a faster job than some OTC products.

Eye Cream – Not something you have to really worry about using when your in younger (below 25). It’s something that should become part of your daily day and night routine when you do incorporate it into your routine. I was using Yes to Blueberries which seemed okay.

L’oreal Age Perfect Eye Renewal   |  Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh

Benefits of Eye cream:

The benefits of the product I’m currently using the L’oreal. It states that it is suppose to focus on five main eye problems like dark circles, puffiness, under eye bags, crows feet and crepiness (thinnest of skin  loss of  elasticity) I only have a problem with puffiness which it seems to do the trick for.

Moisturizer – I was using an all natural product that included tea tree oil (that smell tho…) that’s suppose to work wonders for oily skin. It worked for a little bit and then my skin would be super shiny by the time I got to work. I don’t want to look like an oil slick. So I started using Castor oil which was working really good. Until i did more research that it makes your skin purge. I ended up using it as my nighttime moisturizer. Then switched to Avocado oil it’s a lot more watery and absorbs really quickly into my skin. It’s also suppose to work really well for oily skin. But, again I started getting super oily. So I switched to using a drug store moisturizer for oily skin.

Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer

Specialty Products

Masks – Used to maintain great skin or to help with problematic skin issues. There are all different types of masks for all different types of skin issues. These are just a few I switch between depending on what my skin needs at the moment.

Aztec Healing Clay   |      E.L.F. Hydrating Bubble Mask   |    Daiso Japan Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Exfoliation – I really don’t use physical exfoliators very much anymore. Anybody remember that apricot scrub? Especially when I heard how bad they can be for your skin and causing micro tears that lead to bacteria getting into skin that can cause acne. But, I use this one when my chemical skin removers cause a lot of build up, and make my skin look extra dull.

Garnier Skin Active blackhead eliminating scrub oily skin

Make-up Remover – Every makeup lover needs a great makeup remover and this cleansing balm is A+ in my book at taking off everything from waterproof mascara to matte lipsticks. It does all this without drying out my skin or causing me to rub to harshly on my face. But, let’s be serious. I don’t always want to go through the whole process at the end of the night and sometimes I use a makeup remover wipe and call it a day.

Banila Clean it Zero  |    Equate makeup remover wipes

What is your current skincare rountine? Do you have any holy grail items? Anything new you want to try out? Leave a comment below!

****Some Links Are Affiliate Links. If you were to use these links to purchase products. I would receive a commission. Feel free to look for this products on your own if you aren’t comfortable with using my links.****



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