I’m Just Saying | 3| Pipeline & Having a Heart | Ashley Cundiff

Guess what? I finally decided on what I would call my vlogs. I’m going to name it ‘I’m Just Saying,” I use to say this phrase all the time. Especially when I someone would want my opinion that’s what I would say when they didn’t like what I told them. Either because I didn’t agree with what they said or just so they knew they didn’t have to take the advice.

In this video I’m pretty low energy and looking for the right phrases to say without sound like I’m trying to be a SJW (Social Justice Warrior) which I do not want to be. While I do want to voice my opinion on things that I think are fucked up. I don’t want to wear the white hat. If you watch Scandal you know what I’m talking about. I cant wait for the next season. Anyway video below! Hope you enjoy, and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays….etc.



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