Closing the Chapter on 2017


I went into 2017 with a overly optimistic hope. With my head up and ready to grab the world by the balls and make it my bitch. Unfortunately, I was the one who became the world’s bitch. (World as in life if you don’t get the reference) I graduated last year with hope that I would have no problem finding a great job that would become a career. I have always been able to easily find a job. But, I never took the time or effort to look for an actually job that I would want to work at permanently. When I actually found something that would help toward shaping my career… I hated it!!! All the places that I wanted to work even the ones I would settle for. Said you have to have years experience or it was hours away from where I lived.

I ran into an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time. She told me about her job which sounded a lot more interesting than calling small businesses and getting them to switch to Comcast. I applied and my start date was the same day as my Dad’s birthday. It was a sign! I started out doing dispatch with is an entry level position. But what I was really interested in was the programming dept. But, I didn’t think I would ever get a chance to go over there. But, GUESS WHAT!!! I recently got promoted to that very department. Let me just tell you yo girl was too happy.  No job is perfect. Like everything there are ups and downs but it doesn’t seem as militant as my previous department.


I’m excited to see what 2018 has in store. Even though I don’t have the career I thought I would or making the money I envisioned I would be making. My eclectic mix of experience isn’t the money maker I thought it would be. But, I like all the difference journeys that they all gave the chance to experience.

Even though 2017 was basically went from a let down to meh. I have made new year’s resolutions but they aren’t the usual ones. I want to get into meditation. I want to put more effort into my YouTube and blog. Which I’m still going to do even though net neutrality is now an issue. I’m also considering dropping a few of my social media accounts. I’m only using twitter, and Youtube. I have Facebook. But, I uninstalled it off my phone.

If I were to grade each aspect of my life in 2017:

Love – F    Health – C   Career – B   Finances – C   Friends – C

2018 I hope for it looks like:

Love – D    Health – B    Career – A    Finances – B  Friends – B

Did you make any resolutions for next year? How was your 2017? You can tell my was kinda rocky. What grades would you give your aspects of life?




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