“Girl, now you know this is way to early to try and go any-,” she stopped talking when she realized it wasn’t her best friend Alex.

“Oh hey Linda. Didn’t mean to call you a slut. I thought you were somebody else.” Sam sheepishly smiled at her neighbor.

“I could be your hooker if you wanted,” said Linda laughing. Sam gave a laugh and ushered her in. “What brings you over?” She said as she flopped down in one of her salvaged arm chairs. Linda quickly followed sitting on an olive green couch. “Well I heard Outkast, and I came by to see what all the fun was about. Do you have any plans for tonight?” Sam thought for a split second of lying and saying she wasn’t going anywhere and was just having a dance party by herself. But, Linda’s pleading eye suckered her into telling her she was going out with friends. Linda clapped happily and asked if it was okay for her to tag along. “Uh—sure, no problem. I just gotta let the girls know we have someone joining us. I’m sure they’ll be excited to meet you.” Linda shot up and ran to the door. “Thank you, thank you, I’m going to go find something cool to wear.” Sam laughed as she watched Linda’s back as she closed the door.

Reflecting on her first impressions of Linda something seemed a little off. But Sam quickly realized that her neighbor was starting to become a good friend. Linda had great girl next door looks with dirty blond hair and bright blue eyes. She had the body of a lifetime dancer’s and would regularly accompany Sam to the gym. She quickly realized that the thing that felt off was Linda’s shyness. After getting to know her she found out that she was hilarious and bubbly when she let her guard down.

Sam on the other hand loved to look unconventional she had lilac hair, multiple ear, and body piercings. The latest ones being her septum. She had big hazel eyes with more specks of green then light brown. She had a love for physical activity having played tennis her whole life. She had an athletic build that was still feminine. Standing a little above average and she liked the eclectic Bohemian chic look. She would consider herself a hippy if she wasn’t working for a corporate company and loved long term monogamous relationships. Though with her current single status. She was hitting the town hard with her friends lately. Sam wondered how Linda would fit in with her long time best friends.

To Be Continued…

“Hello Neighbor,” Part 2

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