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I got a little busy and wasn’t able to post this last week. Sorry about that. But, we’re back! When we last left off Dae Young had changed his mind about Woo Sun’s offer to work for his company. Seo Yeon was throwing herself at Dae Young to make her sister jealous. But, karma caught up with her when she became sick after looking for her crooked business partner.

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This episode opens with Woo Sun and Seo Yeon in the hospital. It’s revealed that Seo Yeon might have had some kind of trauma and bruises or scars are shown on her collarbones. 

Woo Sun actually saying on that phone call with his cousin trying to breastfeed her child is way awkward I would have hung up on that ass. Too much information indeed!

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I think Sun Woo might have a crush on our girl Ji Woo. I still can’t stand her sister though. Like really you bitch you gonna say my passcode to my place out loud for everyone to hear. Then she milks him to remove the tape he set up so her ass didn’t have free reign on his place. She’s so manipulative, and not in a good way.

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Dae Young has his first day at his new job and whips out his foodie knowledge before they even step inside a restaurant. But everyone seems really impressed with it. While Woo Sun seemed a little intimidated. The food, of course, looked freaking amazing!

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Dae Young makes a great first impression with all his colleagues with the restaurant that he chooses to do research on. Sun Woo goes in the bathroom to admit that he’s jelly as hell.  Talking shit real quick. I think that that jelly grew exponentially when everyone wanted to throw him a welcome party. 

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Sun Woo takes the opportunity to ask Gi Woo out for drinks to catch up. She used to be his tutor when he was younger. He really did change a lot he was chubby back then. But. he also seems to have a passion for food as well. 

In a flashback to college, Ji Woo has a daydream about Dae Young telling her he has feelings for her and giving her a nice kiss on the cheeks after the shaman woman in her building says that one of the college group is going to kiss soon. After getting busted by her sister she stupidly says she doesn’t have feelings for him. Her sister says that she’ll introduce him to somebody then if she doesn’t like him. 

Gi Woo stupidly says she’ll be his goalkeeper when all his friends flake on him and hilariously daydreams he is running towards her to give her a hug. She then kicks the ball and causes the mute member of SSS to get a bloody nose when it hits him in the face. 

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Seo Yeon tells her sister that the arranged date was in fact for her and not Dae Young. Gi Woo looks excited and scared at the same time. Seo Yeon gets a surprise when she finds out that the SSS club actually does has a group date too. Ji Woo’s date is hot so far. 

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SSS club has a date and the mute brought his guitar to play. But he can’t say a damn word. Why he would go on a date is beyond me. That’s creepy as fuck to just stare at somebody the whole time. When Dae Young comes over to talk shit to them because their plan was an ultimate fail. The girls as about him and are smitten. 

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Ji Woo ends her date by trying to leave early with the excuse that she has an early class. When that doesn’t work she says they aren’t compatible. When he tries to force a kiss on her Seo Yeon saves the day and ends up kissing GI Woo instead. Abruptly, ending the date for her. 

SSS club is scouring high and low to find quality porn and finally find a reliable source, guess who it turns out to be. That’s right our boy Sun Woo. After a couple drinks Sun Woo is showing his old side. Openly admitting that JI Woo was his first love. But, the next morning he wakes up in bed with Dae Young. 

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After his walk of shame home. He walks into firefighters walking out of his apartment because dumb ass Seo Yeo lite candles then caught a towel on fire. Then he slips on the soapy floor and hurts his wrist. 

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Ji Woo has her plans to have lunch with De Young canceled so he can go eat lunch with Seo Young. She’s gonna be pissed with she see that post, and guess what she sees after eating hospital cafeteria food? That’s right Seo Yeon and Dae Young enjoying lunch together. Then they get caught in the same elevator together. 

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Ji Woo threatens to kill Seo Yeon if she ever mentions her mom again. There’s definitely a story there. Then she gets smart with Dae Young saying he needs to take care of his girlfriend. She then lashes out at her mom when she mentions remarrying Seo Yeon’s father. 

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Dae Young stop Ji Woo from getting hit by a car after seeing her running out of her apartment and down the street with two different shoes. I think she’s held in as much as she can and it’s finally spilling out. 

This episode was good. We learned more about experiences that they had in college. Still no story on how Ji Woo’s mother ended up with her condition. But we do find out that having her sister back in town added the light to the fuse that was pretty short. Ji Woo’s been holding in a lot and taking on a lot of responsibility that I’m sure she needs help with.  Having her sister take off and not hearing from her built up a lot of resentment since she didn’t get to experience her adulthood like she hoped. 

We also got to see Sun Woo open up after getting sloppy drunk and turn back into his awkward chubby high school self. I think he admires Dae Young more than he wants to admit. We also learn how he came up with the concept for his company with ready meals for singles since that’s how he grew up with both his parents working. I will ship Sun Woo and Seo Yeon when I have grown out of the annoyance of her.

How did you like this episode? What’s scene was your favorite? I think mine was Ji Woo’s imagining Dae Young trying to seduce her and her hugging him on the soccer field. 

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