I’m going to pat myself on the back for making it to the gym three times this week. We had a snow storm come in this weekend, and I don’t plan on getting any extra walking steps from my second job. I only do a quick 20 – 25 mins of cardio at the gym. Anywho, this week went pretty great. But, I was kind of scared to see I didn’t lose anything since I’m probably gaining muscle. I know I need to stop measuring by the scale. But I feel like I still have plenty of fat to lose before I can stop measuring my success for the week by the scale. So excuse the broken record worry. I’m also going to start posting my meal preps for the week to give anyone ideas that may want them. I didn’t really much water this week either.


Neck: 12.5 (-.5)

Chest: 41 (-.5)

Right Arm: 16 (-.5)

Left Arm: 16.75 (-.25)

Waist: 34 (-1)

Hips: 47.75 (-1.75)

Right Thigh: 25.5 (-.5)

Left Thigh: 24.5 (-1.5)

Weight: 216.0 (+0.4)


KIK (Keep it Keto)

Workout 3x’s this week

Get water intake back up

Health Journey |8| Quick Update

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