Hello! I had a great weekend with my family and ending up eating later in the day then I usually do. But, I’ve gotten into a comfortable rhyme with this whole lifestyle change. A used to be a person that hated cooking. The fact that I do it only once a week makes it something I look forward to. I like trying to come up with different things throughout the week. I don’t think I could be someone who cooks every meal everyday.

My back issues and getting sick the end of February is making for a total of a month and a week of not working out. I have to get back in swing of things. Starting this week and I’m starting out slow.

How are you doing on your health journey?

Are you also doing keto?


Neck: 12.5

Chest: 38

Right Arm: 15.5

Left Arm: 15.75

Waist: 31

Hips: 47

Right Thigh: 25

Left Thigh: 25

Right Calf: 15.5

Left Calf: 15.5

Weight: 202.8

Week’s Goals

  • KIK
  • Drink More Water
  • Workout 2x’s
  • Stretch 5x’s

Health Update #21

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