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Sometime in November of last year. I made the decision to get back in shape and lose some weight. I jumped on the Keto craze and after resisting temptation and finding alternatives to sweets. Came to really enjoy the diet.

I’ve always enjoyed working out and had gotten into a comfortable rhythm until I had some back issues. I’m slowly working back up to my four to five days.

But, I noticed that what initially made me want to lose weight was that I didn’t have my same personality and I wasn’t happy. I was an introvert. Which i won’t say that I’m the textbook example of an extrovert. I am friendly, I enjoying having conversations. However, I’m don’t like talking to just hear myself. I usually can also make friends easily. But, at my current job I realized that the job itself and my unhappy body image was making my grouchy, fat, and unhappy. I talked to some people but I mostly scowled at people and kept to myself. I wasn’t wearing make-up or dressing cute. I usually dress how I feel. So i just I was looking how I was feeling…shitty.

I should also say my job was stressful with less than ideal pay.

After seeing myself get back to a more manageable weight. I’ve started to recognize myself physically and emotionally. The old me is starting to peek her head out and enjoy life. Along with finally admitting that things haven’t gone the way I wanted after graduating from college. I’m doing alright and that’s just fine.

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Lost Some Weight, Found Myself

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