Abyss image via: mydramalist.com

When I seen the initial marketing commercial for this show I was very confused and thought it was about a gender swap between two people who hated each other. There wasn’t much given about the story line and it made be curious.

Later I found out that the synopsis for the show is about a man who is accidentally killed. But, is later brought back to life with an orb called abyss. After rising from the dead the two deities that cut his life short gift him with the magical object without much of a user manual.

Sound sloppy and haphazard? Yep, that’s the same path the show follows.

Park Bo Young image via: koreaboo.com

I was excited because the main female lead is played by one of my faves! Park Bo Young (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Oh My Ghostess) So even though, I’m less than happy with the sloppy premise and foolish characters. I will finished it until the end!

Ahn Heo Seop image via: soompi

I hadn’t seem any shows with the male lead Ahn Heo Seop. But I found his visuals very nice. I also didn’t think his acting was bad either. I enjoyed the chemistry between him and bo young.

Reading on viewer comments of Mydramalist the majority hate it. I don’t agree with them. Is is the best drama I’ve seen in a while. Hell no! Her Private Life is still in the top spot for this year. But not many people seem to love it as much as I did.

I will say that even though the main characters make decisions that make me yell at the screen! Park Bo Young’s character is supposed to be a cunning, savvy prosecutor. Her best friend Cha Min is a CEO of a successful skincare and makeup brand. I would think they would make better choices then the ones made in the show.

Cha Min brings Go Seo Yeon back to life after she’s murdered by a serial killer. A case she was in the middle of trying to solve. After learning more we find out that it’s actually a respected doctor who is behind all the murders. You also find out that he seems to have quite a few accomplices that don’t get identified quickly. Which makes the cops and leads look like idiots.

While the story line started out kind of all over the place and weird. I found it was pretty easy to follow. Though after every episode I was pretty much annoyed at the choices the main leads. The writers kept them perpetually one or two steps behind the killers. Though the fact that they didn’t know that there was a second accomplice who could easily find out what they were doing until later was part of their problem. They kept losing and after a while you could understand the frustration and hopelessness.

Along with their being two killers them having a supposed alley that was feeding all their plans to the villain didn’t help either. Cha Min’s ex-fiance that he brought back to life seems to also have ties to the Oh Young Cheol the main killer and after being emotionally and physically abused by him her PTSD made it hard for her to go against any favors he asked for. While I felt sorry for her. I didn’t like her character until later on when she had a redemption arc.

After awhile, I just enjoyed the show for what it was and not that it was going to be some great masterpiece. After finally accepting that. I would still get annoyed with decisions characters made. But, I still continued to watch. I was happy that in the end there was a happy ending for the main couple.

I will admit that when Cha Min disappeared I was like WTF!! That’s not even fair. The rules displayed themselves every now and again and weren’t all that clear most of the time. How did he know if he only a limited number of times he could revive people.

I don’t think I will be rewatching this. I didn’t really get upset with the having Bo Young playing someone who was supposed to be ugly. I thought it was rather cheeky and funny. She’s a cutie and everyone calling her ugly was hilarious.

There are mote things that happened in the drama that made up for most of the things that I complained about. But I won’t give to much away. If it sounds remotely interesting I would say to watch it. But, don’t expect too much.

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