My Favorite Beauty Gurus

Like most women I love to watch YouTube make-up tutorials. When I first started watching videos. It was just to get more knowledge on techniques and to get reviews of new products that were out without having to read a review, or pick up the product and pray. Watching a video I could see someone use the product as well as if they like the product or not. I wanted to make a list of the people I enjoy watching. I don’t have them in any particular order but it is a list of 16.

1.      Nicole Guerriero – Nicole does makeup tutorials, get ready, hair tutorials, nail tutorials, hauls, product reviews, monthly favorites, and recently started doing Vlogs which I’m really enjoying. She does great Halloween tutorials which are her favorite.

2.      Jackie Aina –, Jackie does makeup tutorials, get ready, hauls, product reviews, monthly favorites, a little natural hair care, she give tips which she calls #FixitFriday. She’s hilarious and honest and is also a vet like myself. She was also a makeup artist before she started doing YouTube videos.

3.      Desi Perkins –, Desi does makeup tutorials, get ready, hauls, monthly favorites, Halloween looks, and collaborations.

4.      Chrisspy –, Christine does makeup tutorials, hauls, get ready, Halloween looks, collaborations, specific how to makeup looks, and favorites.

5.      Destiny Godley –, She does makeup tutorials, hauls, get ready with me, reviews, workout, and cloths try-ons,

6.      Lupe Sujey Cuevas –, Lupe does makeup tutorials, reviews, hauls, specific makeup how-to, She wears a lot of wigs with I enjoy, and she also has a twin who does cameos. 

7.      LustreLux –, Katie does makeup tutorials, reviews, hauls, favorites, hair care, hair tutorials, 

8.      Maya Mia –, Maya does makeup tutorials, she was also a makeup artist while doing YouTube videos. But has recently focused full-time on YouTube.

9.      Naptural85 –, she does hair care for natural hair including recipes for hair products, hairstyles, tips for trimming, routines, she also has another channel where she does fashion, makeup and vlogs with her husband and daughter Olivia.

10.  SMLx0 – Stephanie does makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, monthly favorites, get ready, and hair tutorials.

11.  Teni Panosian –,, Teni is a working actress who does makeup tutorials, hauls, diys, vlogs, and hair tutorials.

12.  Glamlifeguru –, Tati does really great product reviews from make to skincare and it’s really in depth and informative. She also test the products for longevity throughout a regular day. She also does month favorites, tutorials, fashion hauls, and makeup hauls

13.  NikkiTutorials –,  Nikki is a working makeup artist who does makeup tutorials, month favorites & dislikes and collaborations.

14.  BargainPrincess –, Jennie does makeup tutorials, natural hair care tutorials, product reviews for hair products and new makeup products. I usually always watch when she does foundation or skincare because she is my oily skinned long lost sister.

15.  Lisa Eldridge –, Lisa is a renowned makeup artist who has worked on every celebrity that you could think out. She does hauls, skincare, makeup tutorials, and is also the make-up creative director of Lancôme.

16.  African Export –, Vanisha was one of the first people I subscribed to when I was learning about natural hair care. She’s very informative does reviews, diys, hauls, and started to venture into makeup.  

If you’re interested in checking who else I’m subscribed to check out my youtube page.  If you have anyone you think I need to check out leave a comment below! Have a good one! 🙂


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