Will’s Not Missing – Stranger Things Ep. 1

No, need to tell me. I know I’m late on catching this amazing series on Netflix. Regular cable networks better watch out. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and Youtube are picking up the slack of these basic networks, with their cookie cutter television shows. They don’t have to worry about the parental advisory stipulations and are taking full advantage of it with great series and movies. I think Orange is the New Black and House of Cards were the front runners, of opening these doors. 

Anyway I’m going to be doing a running commentary of my thoughts while watching the first episode of Stranger things.  Also, spoilers, even though i feel I’m late to watch this. Someone may be later than me.  

**Update when I originally thought of this it was about two weeks ago. I had watched episode one and then wanted to stop watching it so I could try to have a somewhat genuine reaction.**

Opening scene:

“I would be almost two year old around this time. Hmph,”

“Indiana? I’m only a state away.”

“Oh shit a lab!! That’s all bad news!!”

“Run….bitch an elevator….you made it….What the fuck is that!!!”

“It’s okay little dude. I would done the fireball too. Go out in a blaze,”

“Does this kid really have a mush mouth?” 

“I wish I knew how to play D&D it sounds fun.”

“WTF was that!!!! I would of ran down the street.  Hiding is not working!!! Damn got him.”



Opening Credits:

“I like this 80’s vibe,”

“Oh that’s his name Will “Honest” Byers,”

“His cop outfit is pretty tight.”

“Always a fucking Bully,”

Aww mush mouth’s crush is cute.”

“Girl he just wanna bang a virgin!!! Don’t do it!!!….Maybe you should IDK what the fuck that was that took Will,” 


“That Sheriff is a shit for brains”

“Aww is Will gay? I don’t see that being helpful to the case though.”

“Oh Shit I remember having to wear those HAZMAT suits. Good old Military Training”

“I think I’m going to be sick, Is that shit breathing on the wall”

“Oh shit is that Will!!!!!!”

“I would be hungry too after being abducted,”

” that’s the equivalent of us having internet when I was in elementary!”

“Wait is that Winona Ryder!”

“Oh that’s not Will. Eleven?? I heard of the name six. But eleven sound new. Eleven is not human. This some ol fifth element type shit right?!?! 

“Will’s friend’s dad chews funny,”

“Man that’s weird is that girl his daughter brought back but they took Will instead,”

“Oh the merry men our back together, minus Will”

“I wonder if they will get caught?”


“Awww I really liked him. Who the fuck are these assholes”

“He’s not even cute. Here we go for round two…makeout! And you’re outta here. They’re gonna have sex by the end of the season,”

“Will called his Mom. OMG the tentacles got him!!!”

“Toothless is right. Oh here’s the Sheriff’s dead daughter who actually got abducted!!!” 

Ending Thoughts:



I’m not sure if I think that thing is an Alien or maybe just some kind of Parasitic host type hybrid. It for sure took Will. The Sheriff knows something this because it took his daughter and that light getting bright like that was his first clue!

While everyone things will is missing I think he’s on another astral plane than everyone else. Making it so his friends and family can’t see him. But he’s still around.

Do these people who killed the the awesome restaurant owner or cook know about the Alien thing or are they the same ones in the suit exploring the laboratory. Or were they the ones who listened in on the original call he placed to the real child services. Or did they just plant the ad for someone to call in the area, with a  description of Eleven. 

I need all these answer solved by the end of this season. I don’t really plan on that happening. But I thoroughly enjoyed it for the most part. I’m really intrigued for the next episode. 

I’ll be watching new episodes on Friday. None of this binge watching. But I’ll try to have the post up on Friday. If you enjoyed this type of blog post leave me a comment below. Or if you have also enjoyed watching Stranger things let me know that as well. Have a great weekend. 



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