My Colourpop Liquid Lipstick Collection

If you’ve read any of my previous one makeup palette a month series. Which if you read the second from the last post I’ve written. I’m taking this month off after having some skincare issues. I’ve found a new skincare routine that I’m absolutely in love with and is giving me some beautiful skin days. But! Don’t worry I still love makeup just the same and will be back on the makeup train in October. Anyway, now that I’ve sufficiently got off topic. In those one palette looks. I for the most part was always wearing a Colourpop liquid lip. So I wanted to do a post of my full collection. 

I saw this swatch style first done by Dom and I fell in absolute love with it and want to try it out. So let me give credit where it’s due. I wish she was still doing Youtube videos. But, I’m happy she’s teaching and spreading her creativity. I’ll have links for all the colors. If a particular color is no longer available. I’ll try to find a dupe. 

First the Mattes! I first fell in love with Colourpop when I first bought their. Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I’m happy that I waited before making my first purchase or I would have had a different opinion. I heard the first batch were a hot ass mess. Admittly I think some of mine are from that batch. Either because they might not have sold well originally or the new formula for that color still wasn’t the best. 

StingRaye (disc. dupe Veronica by ABH

More Better


Mr. Blond (disc. dupe Little Denim Dress by NYX



Jellies (disc. dupe Paint by ABH)




First Class (disc. dupe Cray Cray by Tarte

**Not picture as it was tucked away in my purse Guess

Next up are the Ultra Satin Liquid lips. I fell for these pretty hard they have the same staying power as the ultra matte lipsticks. Except they aren’t as drying for your lips. The only con is that while they do last a long time they aren’t transfer proof. So you will get lipstick on your drink, food, man and anything else. 

Petit Four


Frick ‘n Frack

London Fog



Last but not least are the Lippie Stixs. Not that big a fan. They have a great vanilla scent. But they last just as long as regular lipsticks. I’ll probably be picking these up in a liquid lipstick form after I’ve used them up. 

Bull Chic


Are you a fan of Colourpop too? What products are your favorites? What other brand makes your favorite liquid lip?


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